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Okay – so my kids are home.

Well not exactly “Home” – but in the UK; and that is good enough for me!

This year is the first time in a couple of years that we will be spending Christmas together – ‘en famille.’

It makes me feel happy to my very core.

So whilst I have been preparing for this momentous occasion – I am still very mindful that many parents are not feeling the festive vibes as much as I am.

Many may not have all their chicks in the nest this holiday season, for various reasons. Many of us are missing the company of our own parents – possibly through bereavement, possibly through family breakdowns, or just plain old logistics.

Christmas time is often a time for reflection.

It is often a time when many of us forget to look after ourselves, in the bid to maintain the harmony all around us  – and this got me thinking.

Whilst my children are 24 and 22 – I often still feel the need to treat them as “My Babies”. So year-on-year I ensure Santa still knows where to pay a visit, I also buy Advent Calendars and this year is no exception.

Whilst Jack, I am sure, thinks this is sentimental claptrap – Alice I know, loves to maintain yuletide family traditions with me.

In my day when we opened our advent calendars – we were happy with the picture behind each numbered door – and yet today many kids have upgraded to chocolates.

As a child, I often wondered why the grown-ups in our family were robbed of the excitement of these daily rituals on the Countdown to Christmas. Lo and behold, in this modern world, we do indeed have advent calendars for adults … in all shapes and sizes : Socks, Gin, Bath Bombs …You name it and it’s available.

Come have a coffee with me!

I decided therefore, I would embrace this wonderful tradition and offer YOU, your very own advent calendar – using the wonders of technology.

So, everyday from December 1st to December 24th I will broadcast LIVE on Facebook.


The general theme will loosely relate to Self-Care & De-Stressing in the build up to Christmas. I will provide you with tools and techniques to help you remain Cool, Calm and Collected in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Inspiration will be based on my daily quote – which I have been posting on my personal Facebook profile for the past eight years.

Throughout the 24 days I will offer free downloads and exercises that will help you navigate through the choppy waters of this Christmas Commotion.

You will learn the importance of keeping yourself as a priority. You will understand why, by looking after yourself, you can become more present with loved ones and focus on Contentment and Serenity rather than Chaos and Squabbles.

Whether your cat has climbed the tree, your child has changed their Santa list for the umpteenth time, or your teenager has missed yet another curfew – it is possible to breeze through Christmas relatively unscathed. It just boils down to a bit of support and a bit of carefully selected me-time.

So consider my LIVE Broadcasts as a little oasis amongst the scramble of the seasonal celebrations. Let’s make it a date and embrace the Christmas approach with calm, good humour and a good old fashioned dose of common sense.

Grab a coffee ( or an eggnog ) and join me each day at 10am GMT on my Business page  : here :

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Chat soon

Cai x