The Attitude of Gratitude.

I returned yesterday from a break away with my wonderful husband Michael. Note to Self : Go away together more often.

Whenever I get home from holiday I just love getting stuck into the post – and this time was no exception. In fact it was extra special – because a very dear friend of mine had sent me a book – but no ordinary book. It was The Secret, Gratitude Book by Rhonda Byrne. Oh what a treat!

For those who have not heard about The Secret – it is very much based around The Law of Attraction. The introduction explains :

“That gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions you can use 

to bring all good into your life in absolute abundance.”

I have mentioned this principle in previous blog posts – but in essence it says that ‘you attract that which you focus upon’. So if you are looking to receive good things in your life – it stands to reason you really ought to be focusing on the positive things rather than the negativity that often surrounds us.

So what does this book do? In a nutshell – it encourages you to, first and foremost, count your blessings and then focus on what you hope to achieve in the future.

I am not alone in this school of thought. I follow many, many motivational speakers and public figures – all of whom are experts in their field ( Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Jack Canfield and Oprah … to name a few ) – and hands down they all say the same thing; that they too practice gratitude on a daily basis.

So what are the benefits of practicing gratitude?

Gratitude leads to happiness : it helps us to focus on the positives in our lives. Of course, life can throw us some challenges – but rather than take this personally – we are better equipped to deal with the setbacks and move forward; appreciating the good in our lives as well.

Gratitude can improve your relationships : because we are more positive about our own lives we are more willing to provide love and emotional support to others. Many who practice gratitude say that they feel more socially connected. Gratitude increases our emotional intelligence and provides us with a more forgiving attitude, helpful in any relationship, don’t you think?

Gratitude leads to better productivity : whilst we are focusing on what we really want to attract rather than that which we don’t, our personal and business goals feel more attainable. This keeps us more motivated and on track.

Gratitude improves our health & makes us feel better : studies show that those who have a regular gratitude regime tend to exercise more. As we know, there are strong links between exercise and a more positive and healthier mind. Gratitude also creates a more optimistic attitude over and above any other emotion; and as a result many experience an improvement in their self esteem.

Gratitude regulates sleep patterns : whist we focus on the good in our lives we are less likely the dwell on things that are niggling away in the background – reinforcing the fact that less interrupted sleep helps increase our energy levels.

I have a coach ( hey Wade! ) who has encouraged me from the very beginning to record my ‘daily wins’ as he calls them. He explained that it’s all too easy at the end of the day, when you take stock, to beat yourself up and focus on the tasks you did not accomplish. By focusing on the negatives so too does the Universe – and the Law of Attraction would reply with more of the same. Not terribly productive. When we focus on the negatives we are turning our back on the positives.

Rhonda Byrne further illustrates this by using the sun as an example :

“The sun continually shines, sending out its life energy to us in a never-ending stream. You experience the effects of the sun when you are facing it – but when you turn away you will no longer experience its life-giving effects. The Universe is operating identically to the sun … When you focus your thoughts and your feelings on gratitude you are turning towards the good that is being permanently offered to you. But when you complain, blame, criticise, feel resentment, jealousy, or any negative emotion, you are turning away from all that is good.”

So by practicing gratitude we open ourselves up to attract better things into our lives.

In practicing this – I have learned that gratitude is not only a powerful emotion to have in my repertoire – but it has also become a way of life. It’s a mindset.

How can we practice gratitude?

There are many ways to assist us in practicing the attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude Journal : What better tool to have ( especially for a stationery geek  like me ) than a book for the sole purpose of recording daily achievements and thank you’s.

5 things that I am thankful for today : Perhaps writing a list might suit you better. There are some great Apps out there that could help you instil a routine of thankfulness.

Daily affirmations : Others might choose to take a moment at the beginning of the day to reflect and count their blessings. What a great approach to set you up for the day with a more positive mind.

Whatever your preferred technique – rest assured that the more you are thankful for the more you will attract into your life.


Thank you

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