The Teen Toolbox

Equipping Parents and Teenagers with the Tools for Navigating Adolescence.

Provides parents of teenagers with tips, tools and approaches to help them make the transition through those tricky stages.

Are you looking for a bit of light reading?
Perhaps you’re about to head away on holiday?

OK – so maybe you are thinking of a crime blockbuster or a chick-lit bestseller.
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Get pointers to will help you better connect with your child.

Understand how to build stronger relationships with the whole family

Learn new ways to communicate – so that you and your teen can talk more freely

Allow me to recommend MY book no less. The TEEN Toolbox
Susan HayesCulleton co-founder of The Savvy Teen Academy reviewed my book this week : Navigating the highs and lows of teenage years.
Watch Susan’s Facebook Live to discover the three crucial messages from the book that resonated deeply with her:

Here’s some of what Susan covered :

“#SavvyTeenAcademy cofounder Susan HayesCulleton devoured The Teen Toolbox over a week-end, but if you’re the parent of a teenager, you might want to take your time to absorb the wealth of wisdom and practical tips that Cai Graham shares in her book.”

Susan went on to say: “It’s also important to understand that people who don’t have kids themselves, but have teenagers in their wider circle, can truly benefit from reading the book. That’s because we can all be role models for teenagers looking for rules of conduct.”

So if you haven’t read my book yet – why not grab a copy to tuck into your suitcase.
Your kids will thank you for it.

TEEN Toolbox Grabs a Top Spot at

The Platinum Awards 2018

Cai Graham’s Book : The TEEN Toolbox has won Best in Category at the Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2018 : Hosted by Janey Lee Grace. The Awards continue to highlight and bring the best of the best in natural products and services into the mainstream. Award entries are selected after testing by our panel of Judges and consumer votes

I am absolutely thrilled. This award will help me raise awareness. I am committed to supporting parents raise a generation of happier adults.

Throughout the UK children are going back to school. This can be a time of huge stress and anxiety. Even though it’s normal to suffer anxiety, fear of failure and being judged can be devastating to kids who tie their self-worth to the number of ‘likes’ or whether they are in the right clique. Anxiety can result in sleepless nights, irritability or short temper, lack of confidence, disruption at home, attention seeking, social withdrawal, or poor appetite, comfort eating and as highlighted in the media very recently, selfharm and suicide.

Across the country, there will be youngsters feeling anxious and uncertain about the new academic year and as parents this stress can often be mirrored by us. Children then suffer anxiety and panic attacks can often blame themselves and label themselves as being ‘not good enough’, becoming isolated and withdrawn. These labels that they put on themselves are not healthy and can have an impact on how they move forward. You may find Cai Graham can help…

Cai Graham is a Parenting & Teen Coach, Speaker and Amazon #1 bestselling author of The Teen Toolbox. Cai specializes in supporting families overcoming obstacles; including communication issues, loss, and trauma so that they can enjoy a brighter future. Everything you are doing has brought you to this stage. But to get different results things have got to be done differently – right?

As a parent – the focus is understandably on your children. Trouble is, in the process, you get lost along the way. This often breeds resentment, fatigue, and loss of self-esteem. To be the best parent you can be – we need to build YOU up first.

Cai’s mission is to empower people by providing them with the tools and techniques they need to cope with the challenges of modern day life. She supports them by breaking through their fears and phobias equipping them with some great coping strategies to allow them to live their lives to the fullest. As a mother and feminine entrepreneur, Cai has blended over two decades of motherhood with her background as a Master Practitioner in: NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching to create an online education program, a book, and a one of- a kind luxury retreat for individuals and families.

Family is not an important thing. It is everything.

– Michael J. Fox –

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