TEEN Toolbox : Mastering the Meltdowns

✅  Break down those barriers with your child

✅  Gain a better understanding of what’s going on for them

✅  Help your child effectively manage their big emotions in a more productive way


Confident Child
Confident Child

TEEN Toolbox : BEAT Anxiety

✅ Tools & Techniques to help you deal with a Panic Attack

✅ Understanding Anxiety – and why it’s not a bad thing

✅ You will know how to de-stress yourself and other around you


TEEN Toolbox : BREATHE Through Your Big Emotions

✅ Learn the correct breathing technique for any situation

✅ Understand how to remove tension from the body

✅ Learn how to calm yourself when you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or confused


Confident Child
Confident Child

TEEN Toolbox : CRACK Your Confidence

✅ Understanding about Confidence & Self Esteem

✅ Learn how to feel better about yourself quickly and easily

✅ How facing your fears can help you in future tricky situations


TEEN Toolbox : SELF CARE : The Art of Putting Yourself First

✅ Know the importance of putting yourself first – without appearing selfish

✅ Learn how carving out me-time doesn’t have to be time consuming

✅ How, with just a few minutes a day – you can get your life back


Confident Child