This is a solo episode by me.

If your child is off to University / College / Leaving Home … then I want you to stop for a minute. Pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself. You are about to launch your child as a fully-fledged young adult into the big wide world.

THIS is what you have been leading up to.
THIS is Success.

They say – “If you love them – then set them free.”
And the empty nest is the price for that success.
In this episode, I talk about :
Some of the emotions skills that your child needs ro equip them for this transition,
Some of the practical skills they need that will make this transition a bit easier,
How to approach your life at home now that the dynamics have changed, whether there are still kids at home or maybe you have the empty nest.


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📍1 Preparing your child for College : (apologies for sound)
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📍4. Coping with the Empty Nest :

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Three Questions to Ask Your Uncommunicative Child :

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EP 26 – Starting University/College and the Empty Nest

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