Surviving the transition from home life to living in University / College can be a bit of an ordeal for both parents and teenagers.

  • Will they eat enough?
  • Will they make friends?
  • Will they turn their whites pink?

Or, God forbid – what happens if they can’t cope without me?

The good news is – that they will cope just fine.

“If you love someone – you must be prepared to set them free.”

As your child flies the nest you may experience those feelings of Pride and Panic – often in equal measure!

BRAVO! This is your price of success.

Creating an independent young adult, ready to embark upon the big wide world.

But this long distance parenting takes time to adjust – and we have to allow for change and to learn a whole new set of rules. One area you might like to work out the ground rules early are those around communication with your child.

Well, rest assured – help is at hand!

I address this exact issue in this video ( see below )

It is the second in this month’s YouTube series – all about leaving home.


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This month’s topic is : Moving to University / College.

Episode 1 : Preparing Your Child For College.

Episode 2 : Staying Connected with Your College Student

Episode 3 : Advice for the Student.

Episode 4 : Coping with the Empty Nest.

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