Are you a parent who is trembling at the thought of 2-3 months of having your child at home every hour? If you are, then you’re in the right place, welcome!

Today is all about how parents and teens can cope with spending so much time in close proximity for the next few months.

We need to enjoy our kids and not endure them.

Look at some ground rules to start with. In the workplace or if you work with a client you set the ground rules, you agree the expectations upfront. Exactly the same approach can be used in family life.

When you plan ahead and when you stipulate what’s going on, there’s no surprises. Everyone is able to manage their expectations if you agree in advance. It reduces conflict. Everyone knows what’s expected of them.

Here are my golden rules for the summer holidays:

Be understanding.

You were a teenager once. They are trying to be independent. Their hormones are pushing them to be independent but they’re still living under your roof. The best way they can control things emotionally is to withdraw. It’s biology.

Be patient.

They’ve just had exams so feel they are entitled to put their feet up. They don’t have the same sense of urgency as adults. Kids can feel really overwhelmed sometimes. We have the life experience to navigate through life – it’s unchartered territory for your kids.

Give them space.

Do you remember feeling suffocated when you had a toddler following your every move? That’s how teenagers feel and why they spend so much time in their rooms. It’s their sanctuary. We all need space. Allow them to have that.

Remember they are still kids.

One minute they want to be a grown up, the next they want a hug. Tread lightly. They’re going to get things wrong so try not to come down on the like a ton of bricks.

Remember the good bits.

Society is really good at labelling teenagers. Saying they’re selfish, self absorbed, lazy, uncommunicative. Imagine hearing this about yourself all the time? Acknowledge the positives.

10 Tips To Survive The Holidays

1.Allocate Chores

It gives kids a sense of responsibility, self worth and organisational skills.

2. Spend time together

Walking the dog, picking them up from places, etc. You don’t have to get deep – just chat. Talk about their favourite TV shows, food, etc. Just chill with your kids 30 mins per day. So important.

3. Teach or allow them to cook

It’s fun for them and gives them great life skills and a sense of pride.

4. Get your child to visit relatives

Let them visit their grandparents. They will love showing them off, teaching them things. Time with grandparents is special. Gives them space and a change of scenery. Let them get together with cousins – time with family is so beneficial.

5. Allocate productive time

For example an hour every Wednesday helping them with their CV. Allow them to spend time doing a hobby – a skill that will be useful for them in the future or even time spent reading books and newspapers.

6. Foster the entrepreneur in them

The career scene isn’t what it once was. Some kids have no idea what they want to do. Get them to sell stuff on eBay, set up an Instagram account. You don’t know where this may lead.

7. Teach each other something new

It gives your kid the upper hand almost that they know something you don’t. You get to enter their world and connect with them. It gives them a sense of pride.

8. Develop a workout program

Physical activity is great for your mental health. Get them outside or socialising in an exercise group. You could even do this together – go swimming a couple of times a week together.

9. Encourage creativity

Taking photos for Instagram each day, create a family newspaper, do you need help with design for your business? You could even get them to write a blog.

10. Encourage boredom

Nowadays we are so hell bent on filling the gaps in our time. Kids have no time to learn how to amuse themselves. Too many people don’t like their own company and it’s important to just rest with yourself and be comfortable with who you are.


Much Love 💕


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