“I’m bored”

“There’s nothing to do.”

Do the holidays fill you with dread? 
Or are you thrilled that there are no rules to have to follow?

Summer might be a little different this year – as there are still travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus. As a result, many of us are staying closer to home and might have more time on our hands.

Now is an ideal opportunity to help your child to use their time wisely. Perhaps you can show them how to cook a basic spaghetti bolognese – or how to do the laundry without turning everything pink.

The trick is to make these learning skills fun. We don’t want to lecture our kids – but we do want to equip them with the tools they need to cope in the outside world.
In this episode, I give you ideas on how to support your child develop their kitchen skills; how to look after themselves, and the importance of managing their own finances for example.

They will thank you in the long run.

If you have younger kids I also talk about how having daily themes can also remove the overwhelm of how to keep your child occupied over one the holidays.

* Three Questions to Ask Your Uncommunicative Child :
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EP 18 – Surviving the School Holidays

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