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Just recently we received funding to take our TEEN Emotional Resilience Programme to the next stage. Our goal is to roll it out across all secondary schools – but firstly we want to create a robust and scalable model.

We have been testing this programme with hundreds of teenagers already.

Whilst asking for their feedback, we are hearing that there is one particular technique that so many of them are practicing at home. It helps with many situations where the stresses are heightened and often overwhelming. Better still, it has extremely quick and effective results. The young people we chatted with used it for :

✔️Social Anxiety

✔️Study worries & exam stresses

✔️Lack of confidence

✔️Times of Uncertainty (very apt at the minute, with the Coronavirus monopolising people’s lives)

✔️Arguments and disagreements at home

More to this point – this is the technique that they all agree, is having a big impact on their anxiety levels and mental health.

So, I want to share this with you.

CLICK on the image.

Anti Anxiety Exercise

Anxiety Exercise that gets quick results

Have a look at this video.

Better still – share it with your child.

This comes, as always with Much Love 💕

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