There’s nothing that saddens me more than when I hear parents say of their kids,

“He is so angry, it’s ridiculous”


“She only thinks of herself, she’s so selfish!”


“He says nothing to me, I’ve given up trying.”

Sound familiar ??

Remember when your child was a toddler and they ranted and raved when they were muddled and or tired or just couldn’t get their words out?

Well this situation right now with your teen, is exactly the same – just a few years on.


Fact : Your teen’s brain is still under construction – until their mid twenties.
More to the point : it’s the decision making bit that develops last.


So no wonder for the best part of their teenage years they are a “Hot Mess”!

If you’re struggling to live with them because of their :

💥 emotional outbursts

💥 bad decisions

💥 selfish behaviour

Then understand this …

✔️It all going according to plan.

✔️This is perfectly normal.

✔️It’s Biology.

So whilst this is all going on – whilst their brain is developing and building them into that



💓 responsible

adult that you crave …

Please hold that safe and nurturing space for them.

Because whilst you are tearing your hair out over their behaviour ….

Your child is living with that chaos in their head – EVERY DAY.

Much Love 💕


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