Call for my Child



Is Your Child Struggling?

✔️ Perhaps they have lost their mojo?
✔️ Are their anxieties overshadowing their lives?
✔️ Maybe they are struggling with their studies?
✔️ Are they withdrawing from their friends?

Client Feedback


Dear Cai

Thank you so much for the help you have given both myself and my daughter over the past 6 months. She had developed an eating disorder (ED) and had been hospitalised.

Your recommendation, by a friend, really put my daughter on the road to recovery.

You were always 100% honest in what you hoped to achieve in terms of psychological support and encouraged alongside medical care.

I would not wish any parent to have to care for a child with an ED. It has been a very trying, and frightening, experience but from your involvement my anxiety levels have reduced considerably.

You worked above and beyond for my daughter and she always looked forward to your sessions together. You also, with my daughter’s permission, always kept me updated about your sessions with her and how I could support her too.

I think anyone – teen or parent – that has the pleasure of knowing you is very lucky indeed.

I am so grateful. With very best wishes. A






Whatever it is, you know that something’s not right.

Perhaps you aren’t sure how to help them out.

This can be confusing for parents …


✔️ Not knowing where to start
✔️ Having no idea what to say for the best
✔️ Tensions are running high at home
✔️ Fears and guilt are overwhelming








To Help Parents Support Their Children, so that Together we can Build

a Mentally Healthier and Happier Generation of Young People

I get it!

Children, especially teenagers, are often reluctant to chat to their parents; they feel too close to a situation.


Dare I say it, sometimes the parents are part of the problem!


Understandably, your child my feel more comfortable discussing their emotions and fears with a trusted adult whom they don’t know.



I’d love to be that person to help your child.


In this call, I will support them to :


✔️ Bust their anxieties and fears
✔️ Identify which tools will get them unstuck
✔️ Start to understand what’s going on their head


Book a Call for Your Child to Talk with Cai

You’ll be amazed at what Cai will cover in just 1 session

Price: £150

 A bit about Cai

Cai Graham

Parenting Expert & Author of The TEEN Toolbox

Cai Graham is a parent, coach, and author of The Teen Toolbox and founder of ‘Peak Parenting’. Cai specialises in supporting families overcoming obstacles; including communication issues, loss and trauma, so that they can enjoy a brighter future. Her mission is to empower parents and teenagers with the tools and techniques they need to cope with the challenges of modern day life.

Lovely Words from Young People I have worked with

Following our session I felt far more comfortable with myself and relaxed, knowing that what I was experiencing was completely normal. It has levelled my mind and I feel far more comfortable and content within myself again.


I have learnt different methods and ways of coping and can’t wait to continue this incredible work which I feel is crucial and would benefit anyone and everyone no matter what!
We talked about aspects of my younger life and development regarding my parents and family. These were issues I hadn’t really discussed and processed so speaking about them raised a weight off of my shoulders that I wasn’t fully aware was there.
I was an awkward conversationalist when meeting new people. We discussed this and practised a reframing exercise which I found helpful, and I feel far more comfortable and less stressed in social interactions.