Hear from my Clients

Charlie, Somerset

You are such an amazing lady Cai. You have helped me and my family so much through your understanding and perception of how things should be.
Thank you for being one of us xx

Sarah, Belfast

A friend recently introduced me to Cai. She helps with parenting techniques.
The more friends I spoke to about my problems, the more I realised I am not alone.
Most days I cry, wondering where I have gone wrong; but this lovely lady has given me strength to pick myself up again and move forward in a positive direction.
Maybe it will help some of your mum’s and dads out there too.
S xxx

Jen, Parent Guide Inc.

If you have teens and you want to connect with one of the best parent educators in the world… Check out Cai!
I would also highly recommend her book The TEEN Toolbox™️

Hear from my Clients

Emily Martinez, Therapist & Social Worker – Washington State

I loved the book’s mission to help parents bring back the love, respect and trust between parent and teen. Ultimately the best way to ensure open communication with teens is to ensure a positive parent-teen relationship and this book is teaching how to have a healthier relationship with your teen.

Katie, Norfolk

On our call, Cai was so sympathetic to my background of domestic violence – without being patronising – and I felt very at ease discussing the uglier side of our previous existence, and asking for advice in how I could help my four girls move forward.
We are journeying through a bitter custody dispute, which is taking its toll on all of us.
At the end of the call I felt counted, and that my parenting ability is counted, and that my precious, slightly damaged family counted.

I urge anyone who has a preteen or teen, who experiences self-doubt in the Parenting field, who thinks the kids hate them, who are going quite bonkers and feel utterly miserable – to please engage with Cai Graham.

Lisa, Belfast

For both me and my kids Cai has been an amazing hands support, dedicated to the teenage years and beyond – a lifesaver.
Cai, my family have been blessed to have found you.
Anyone struggling, I highly recommend Cai – as the connection she has with children is amazing and I myself have found her to be invaluable.
Thank you Cai for making our family richer.