Are You Liking the Person Your Child is Becoming?

You’ve tried everything

and yet nothing seems to be working.

Rest assured, You are not alone.
Thousands of loving parents are going through many of the same issues.

Here is your opportunity for change.

“Cai, You saw me at my worst x”

I am a fun, straight-talking and empathetic mentor, who teaches and supports parents to be more confident and trusting in their innate parenting skills through emotionally challenging and difficult times.

Parenting is not always easy.

And I get it – you aren’t looking for a Parenting Expert whilst your family is eating pizza and playing games of monopoly.

But if you are on the edge, worried about your child’s mental health, scared that they might do something stupid – then I want you to know I am that support.

If you are beating yourself up that you must have done something wrong because your child is broken; then this is where you need to be.

I have the resources that will help you and your family.

I want to help you see and know that there is genuine help available. Guiding you through the challenging terrain of parenting; the side that no one wants to talk about.

Cai x

“You allowed us not to be perfect.”

Welcome to the Progressive Parenting Club

A unique blend of straight talking common sense
and evidence based tools & exercises.

You deserve to stop struggling; feeling like you are giving everything to your family and still left feeling that it’s not enough.

The Club is a community designed to empower parents, to help their children to thrive and flourish through the challenges they face.

Bring your family together, build stronger relationships and create a place where you are all living more happily under the same roof.

After coaching hundreds of parents and children, I have created predictable, battle tested techniques for families that will achieve unprecedented results; leaving you and your family ready to embrace a happier home life.


When you sign up TODAY – You receive my TEENToolbox™ BeatAnxiety Course


“You brought us back together again.”

What Can We Expect to Achieve?

When you implement my techniques you’ll start seeing the results in a matter of hours and not weeks or months.

Build better relationships – so that you want to spend time together as a family

The atmosphere at home is calmer and more relaxed – it’s a happier place to be

There is less attitude and backchat from your teenagers – your home feels less like a battleground

You become more confident with your parenting – you no longer second guess your own decisions

Your kids become more confident – safe in the knowledge that they have you there to support them

You gain more connection with your child – and they start to enjoy hanging out with you

The kids are getting along better – without your constant intervention

So, What Do I Get As a Member?

​Monthly Live Trainings with Cai

Join Cai for a live monthly training on what it takes to help your family thrive.

You’ll get tools and techniques, worksheets and exercises to help you navigate the hassles of family life – helping you restore calm at home.

Each month, Cai teaches new concepts exclusively for members of this program.

Trainings will be delivered in bite-sized chunks – which are quick and easy to digest.

​Live Access to Cai for Questions, every month

When things get tough you can get answers to your parenting questions during monthly live Q&A sessions with Cai.

Need guidance or clarity?

Cai is here to help you navigate your family’s journey through adolescence with other like-minded parents in The Progressive Parenting Community.

Member Community Forum

Share your wins, bring your questions, and most importantly, create friendships in our members-only forum with the other Progressive Parents walking the parenting path alongside you.

What Are Some of the Content Session Topics?

Mental Health issues – including Anxiety, Depression & Suicide

Challenging Behaviour & Attitude

Juggling Homelife & Work

Self-Care & Burnout: Tips & What to Do If You’re Struggling

Confidence Issues & Self Esteem

Friendship Challenges

Social Media & Technology Issues


… and so much more besides

When you sign up TODAY – You receive my TEENToolbox™ BeatAnxiety Course


The Progressive Parenting Club Is For You If…

You want to save time and get help faster than you could on your own

When you look at other people, they appear to have it all together – whilst your home echos with shouting and door slamming
The only conversations you have with your kids are loaded with attitude and backchat
You are stressed out – wondering what you did to get it so wrong.

This Programme is for you if :

Like many parents, you are no stranger to the feelings of guilt as you think that you are letting your kids down in some way.

You feel that your family is stuck in a rut and that you need advice in how to get the fun and laughter back in the home.

You’re seeking deeper relationships with your children

You’re feeling exhausted and worry you are not able to support your child properly

The work we cover will be based on a model I have created following my decades of experience : 

The Role Model Blueprint

which is comprised of 5 Pillars



Helping you get to the right place mentally,
so that you can become the BEST Parents that you can be.


Getting rid of what’s holding you back
Releasing the Internal and the External Blocks


Embracing the family that you have
Accepting your UNIT is made up of individuals


Working on the emotional needs of each person within the family
And how to deal with their BIG Emotions


Showing you how best to deal with the way you all communicate
Emotionally, Verbally and Physically



I don’t want your story to be :

“We just muddled through as best we could.”

I want to be by your side as you guide your family through this chapter in your lives.

This is about surviving the chaos – coming out as a united family ready to take on whatever curveball is around the corner, together.

JOIN the Progressive Parenting Club LAUNCH NOW

 at the FOUNDING Member Rate

With this small monthly investment and guaranteed outcomes, your family can learn, thrive and grow together – RISK FREE
The real risk lies in the outcomes you would never know you could have achieved
if you didn’t gift yourself this super-affordable opportunity of coaching

The Progressive Parenting Club is a Monthly Pay-As-You-Go Plan.


When you sign up TODAY – You receive my TEENToolbox™ BeatAnxiety Course


Lovely Words from Clients on Previous Programmes

It has been the most amazing turnaround for me and my teenager.
I get the support from Cai and the love from the group.
It’s the village that helps me raise my child xx


The group has been a turning point in my life.
I have felt loved, wanted, appreciated, not judged, and able to cry or express joy or frustration without feeling self-conscious and without feeling silly.
This is invaluable.
As a mum of four, who are each facing tough challenges at the moment;
I can honestly say it has been a game changer and a true lifeline.
Thank you Darling Cai x
This is a fab group of parents all supporting one another and sharing experiences without judgement.
With handouts, exercises, live broadcasts and additional support for Cai.
It has saved our family.

 A bit about Cai

Cai Graham

Parenting Expert & Author and Creator of The Parent and TEEN Toolbox™ Podcast

Cai specialises in supporting families overcoming obstacles; including communication issues, loss and trauma, so that they can enjoy a brighter future.

“It is my mission : To Help Parents Support Their Children, so that Together we can Build a Mentally Healthier and Happier Generation of Young People.”



My child isn’t yet a teenager – can you still help us?
Absolutely. I always say that the earlier you start, the better!
“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The Second best time is NOW.”
Some of my challenges are very personal and I might be reluctant to share them publicly – what can I do?
This is very understandable, as the issues you are facing can often be very sensitive. Whilst you are finding your feet, and until such a time that you feel comfortable with your fellow parents, you can submit questions anonymously. I will still offer the answers in the Q&A sessions so that everyone cab benefit from the coaching answers.
You also have the option to organise a 1-2-1 session with Cai (at an additional cost)

How much time do I need to commit to the course?
Each participant will vary as to how long they want to dedicate to complete each task. The Training video will be delivered in bite-sized chunks and the techniques I give you are implementable immediately.
This programme is designed to fit in with your busy lifestyle.
What if I can’t make the Live Sessions?
You can catch up at any time as the calls are stored in the dedicated Facebook Group.
Also – if you have a question and cannot show up at the time – you can submit the question in advance and watch the replay at your own convenience.
I’m not on Facebook much – will I miss out at all?
You will need to have a Facebook account to access the videos and trainings.
Will you be launching this course again?
This is a Beta Test course and therefore the Introductory Offer reflects that. The course will be offered again in the future but the price will be higher – and it is not guaranteed that it will be in the same format.
When you join The Club – you will be locked in (for as long as you are a member) at that sign-up rate.


Are the sessions always on the same day and time a month?
I will send you an email each month to let you know what day and time the sessions will begin and any other resources you might need to get started.
Monthly Billing questions?
Once you have registered and selected to pay for it via monthly instalments (subscription model), you will be charged the first monthly payment immediately. This payment begins the monthly charge cycle straight away and will automatically charge you on that same date next month.
So Cai, will this really work for me?
You may have purchased other courses online that promise you the world and leave you wondering where all those promises went. Here, my number one priority is to honour my commitment to you. When you say yes to this, you are saying yes to me and I want to see you and your family succeed.
So the real question to ask is will you do the work? Will you show up to do the work? Will you take action?
If yes, then I stand 100% behind the information that you will learn and the support you will receive.
I don’t think I can afford this
If the membership price is stopping you place food on the table then this programme is not for you at this time.
But the question is : How much can you continue with things they way that they are?
How bad do things have to get – before you are ready to take action?
How many more sleepless nights do you have to endure before it IS time to take action?

Childhood does not wait