“When someone can be trusted to see who you are and want what’s best for you, no matter your official relationship, they are family.”

Do you have people in you life like this?

Do you have people – or even a person – that you trust enough to open up to? Feels good,  doesn’t it?

To know that they are there for you and accept you for the person you ARE, rather than the person you (or others) think you SHOULD be.

Maybe this does NOT resonate with you just yet and you don’t feel supported in some areas of your life, for whatever reason:

Perhaps you’ve been hurt before and are afraid to open up again.

Maybe you are still trying to find a “Tribe” who will accept the “real you”.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there who will get you, understand you and want the best for you. You might just have to look a little harder. But they are out there – believe me.

When we meet people we have things in common with, we speak the same language and invariably have the same interests and even values. This is what builds connection and rapport; and these factors help build friendships and relationships.

Thing is – we don’t have to rely on just one person to fulfil that role.  We can find different people for different parts of our lives. I should know. I have different groups of people, bound together by our common interests. We are there for one another. We champion our wins and support each other during our wobbles. We are a refuge to swap stories, worries and dreams.

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.
Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.

Shout out to my tribes – my networks :

My NLP Mastermind Group : Thank you Ladies.

My Parenting Master-minders : Thank you Jennifer McCallum and The Parent Teens Experts.

My Woo-Woo Warriors : Thank you Olwen Jennings.

My Intrepid Entrepreneurs : Thank you Laura Ludlow and the DiscovHer Ladies

My Intuitive Business Owners : Thank you Inga Deksne and the Magical Creators

My Digital CEOers : Thank you James Wedmore and the BBD Community

My Fellow Yogis : Thank you Denis and all at FlowYoga

My Personal Development Crew : Thank you Jim Fortin and my TCP folk.


There are others, but all of these people speak my language and give me the space to be myself and to grow into the person I want to become.

So – have you got your tribe?

If not – you can look for them and maybe reach out. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook. Join the conversation – because, as I said – when you find your people, it feels like family (without the arguments on who’s turn it is to walk the dog or take the trash out!)

Much Love 💕

PS : If you are a parent, struggling to find a safe place to talk – and you need support – come and join my

Parents : TEEN Toolbox™ Group.

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