Are you looking for a Trouble-Shooter?

Are you worried about your teenager?
Perhaps you aren’t sure what to do for the best.

Well, I am inviting you to book a Trouble-Shooter Call with me.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Investment: £97

This is a 30 minute Call.

It will be made over the internet : using either Skype, Zoom or Facebook … your shout.
( Don’t worry – you don’t have to use the camera if you don’t want to )

We will discuss the issues that are creating challenges for you and your family at the minute.

Where appropriate, I will offer you a quick solution.

However, if your problem is deeper rooted, then if you book a follow on session with me – I will credit your account with the price of this call.

Can’t say much fairer than that can you?

This call gives you the opportunity to get to know me and see how I work. You will see how quickly we can get results.

What Clients Are Saying

Enjoyed a most uplifting warm and very helpful conversation with Cai today regarding my 6-year-old
Thank you


I would like to say a HUGE thank you for the inspirational call we had yesterday. I feel like I’ve finally opened the new door after that one shut last September.

Words can’t express how different I felt waking up this morning to all the new possibilities you helped me to see. I will be sharing the hell out of your Facebook posts and shouting how fab you are to anyone that will listen.

Everyone Needs a Cai Call

Thank you so much for everything and I’ll keep you updated. My life just got busy 🙂

From a Mum, struggling with her teenage son

I experienced Cai’s incredible warmth first hand on the phone, where I was terribly nervous because I didn’t want her to think I was wasting her time.. It didn’t take long for her to put me at ease, and before long I felt I was talking to someone I had known all my life – her empathy was quite incredible – and I felt able to be very open about the slightly unusual issues my girls and I are facing, and how I could go about helping them to feel safe enough to express their teen angst (and all the hell that this unleashes) without being afraid of consequences.

Not once did she make me feel I was a nuisance. Not once did she sound frustrated at my (sometimes) inability to adequately express what I wanted to say. At the end of the call I felt I counted, and that my parenting abilities counted, and that my precious, slightly damaged family counted. I will never be able to thank her, or recommend her enough. Her compassion is heartfelt. I am humbled and grateful and hopelessly addicted – as are my girls – who are entranced when they watch her, (on Facebook).

I urge anyone who has a teen or pre-teen, who experiences self-doubt in the parenting field, who thinks their kids hate them, who are going quietly bonkers and feeling utterly miserable – to PLEASE engage with and follow Cai Graham. Go on! Try it. It will be the best decision you make all week! Much love and renewed hope.. Katy

Katy, Single Mum of 4 girls