Do you suffer from Stress ?

Do you sometimes over-react to the smallest things?

Here we are going to understand it a little bit of how our Unconscious Mind works – so that we can deal with our stress a little bit better.

Our Minds are made up of the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind.

The Conscious Mind is the bit that we are aware of. It is the part of our brain that processes information.

The Unconscious Mind is the ‘super-computer’ part of our brain that deals with storing the thousands and thousands of pieces of information we are subjected to every day; the temperature of the room, a tone of voice, the colour of the curtains …

The Conscious Mind occupies only 10% of our brain and the rest is the Unconscious Mind and it is this part of the brain that generally speaking, governs our behaviour.


The Unconscious Mind – The Admin Clerk of our mental filing system.

The Unconscious Mind is like an Admin Clerk that is in charge of our mental filing system; and the majority of the time is works ok. However when it is bombarded with too much information, it gets rather emotional and when all gets too much, it can buckle under the pressure.

Our minds, when storing new information, draw on previous experiences, memories and beliefs and all of the other pieces information previously stored away in these mental folders. Because our minds are unique, and all our experiences are exclusive to us – we all store this information differently.

For example if a group of people attend a music concert – even though they have been to the same event – they are likely to have differing memories about the event and possibly, conflicting opinions.

Invariably our brains work perfectly well. However, sometimes there are situations when we are overloaded with information and our mind just becomes stressed and cannot cope. We suffer from overwhelm and lose perspective – and it is at these times that we might lose our temper or feel that familiar sense of panic.

So how do we deal with this? How do we regain the control?

Sometimes it’s as simple as saying “Just Stop” and focussing on each issue individually.

As I said, the Unconscious Mind is an emotional system – and it needs reassurance that everything will be OK.

It really helps to gain some perspective and to prioritise each of our tasks. By establishing how and when they need to be dealt with, allows us to bring those stressful feelings under control. Sometimes our ‘urgent’ tasks are rather trivial and just noise, often pulling our attention away from the big stuff – the important stuff. It is this juggling that causes us the mental strain and the pressures in life. By establishing which tasks are urgent and which are really important helps us reach a better, more positive frame of mind.

So, one of the simplest ways of reducing some of our stresses is by placating the Unconscious Mind. By getting some order back into the filing system and creating an equilibrium and balance that puts our minds at ease – calming the waters a bit and giving us the opportunity for some composure again.

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So if you are feeling in need of assistance. If you feel that learning some of these techniques can improve your relationships – give me a call – I can help.


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