I am going through a time in my life – where I am thinking “Is this it?”

Not necessarily in a bad way – BUT I am asking myself some fairly deep questions.

Today, February 2nd, is National Ground-Hog Day.

Ever watch the movie of the same name? This is where the lead character, played by Bill Murray, finds himself trapped in a life where every day is the same.

Imagine having to do the same things, day in – day out.

Why is this relevant?

Well, I was chatting to my friend and coach Inga – last month (geez – where did January go?) … where she was helping me work out where my business should be heading in 2019. I felt however, that it needs to go deeper than – more clients and more money.

Anyway – Inga asked me a question

What would you do with your day – if every day was a Ground-Hog Day??

Oh my stars 🌟 That question blew me away! Making me realise that I am often filling my days with the wrong stuff, like:

  • crap that I don’t enjoy doing,
  • unnecessary clutter,
  • stuff that does not serve me,
  • thoughts that hold me back
  • and just things, that if I had to do all the time, would just make me miserable.

I am therefore going to do things differently.

OK, OK – that’s not saying that we can all skip through the tulips abdicating responsibility and only doing lovely, nurturing and fun stuff. BUT – it DOES mean that we should be doing more of that lovely stuff and less of the activities that makes us feel rubbish.

In case this is you … and you are realising that your life might need a little bit of adjustment :

If there are tasks that you don’t want to do – spread the load a bit more and DELEGATE.

If there are people that drain your energy – make sure you see them less.

If there are thoughts that aren’t doing you any good – change them ( this blog post will help )

Just allow yourself that thought ( you’ll be glad that you did ) and think … are you living your life in such a way that, should your ‘average’ day become your Ground-Hog Day, you’d be happy with that?

If so … BRAVO!

If not … What would you change?

I am looking at the things that I am grateful for and the things that make me happy.

I’m gonna do more of that in the future.

What about you?

Much Love 💕