As our children approach adulthood, they are so desperate to gain and develop their newfound independence – so the last thing they want is parental restrictions being thrust upon them to cramp their style!

BUT – in this fast-paced world – Boundaries are EXACTLY what our children need.

In this episode, I discuss the importance of sticking to your guns and having healthy boundaries for your child to adhere to.

Boundaries are often be greeted by teenagers with repeated objections – but our children do indeed thrive when there are clearly defined parameters to live by  (just like motorists adhering to the Highway Code) – without specific rules, family life would be chaotic.

Boundaries bring clarity.

I explain why boundaries need to be child-centered and not an attempt for parents to maintain the upper hand!

Children feel safer with boundaries in place – though teenagers are highly likely to admit to this. Without particular ‘standards’ being put into place, each decision and course of action turns into a negotiable tug-of-war. This just builds resentment as each power struggle escalates.

I talk about what parents can do to ease the friction in the home so that healthy boundaries can be put in place and give way to a calmer atmosphere in the home.


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EP 16 – Boundaries

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