Fearless & Free

A Step-by-Step Guide to Help Teens & Young Adults Conquer Anxiety

Uncover your innate ability to manage anxiety, rewrite your story, and step into a life filled with confidence and well-being.

Let this workbook be your guide to conquering anxiety and thriving in the face of challenges.

Embrace your journey towards a brighter, empowered future today.

It’s time to break free from anxiety

This workbook will show you the way


Transformative Strategies:

Explore a wealth of transformative strategies to help teens & young adults manage anxiety effectively. This workbook delves into the core of anxiety, providing actionable techniques for long-term resilience.

Practical and Interactive:

Break free from the conventional. This workbook is not just a read—it’s an experience. Packed with interactive exercises and QR codes leading to supplementary resources, it ensures active participation and ongoing support.

Parent-Teen Connection:

Foster open communication between parents and teens. A dedicated section at the beginning guides parents in supporting their teens, creating a collaborative environment for understanding and managing anxiety.

Empowerment for Teens:

Empower your teen to navigate anxiety with confidence. This workbook provides practical tools, fostering resilience, inner strength, and a proactive approach to managing anxiety, laying the foundation for a healthier mental well-being.



Book Reviews

Kat Dever, Consultant and Mum of 3

Easy to read and vital in these times when our children are dealing with so much.

Ever the ambassador for children and young people, Cai Graham sparkles in this useful, practical and much needed guide for parents and children, struggling with anxiety. 

This timely book is easy to read and vital in these times when our children are dealing with so much, and simple, straightforward guidance for the complexities of supporting anxious kids has never been more necessary. 

Jennifer McCallum, Business Coach for Parent Coaches

A must-read for both parents and teenagers. Thank you Cai for sharing your brilliance with us

As a user of this workbook, I can attest to its effectiveness and the valuable impact it has had on my life.

Relaxation and coping techniques are explored in depth, allowing readers to build a personalised toolkit for managing anxiety.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable aspects of “Fearless and Free” is Cai Graham’s emphasis on resilience-building. This focus on long-term empowerment sets the book apart, offering readers the tools and mindset needed to not only manage anxiety but thrive in the face of it.

Kristina Salee, Creator of the 5 Steps to emPOWERed Parenting Program & Mother of 5

Fearless & Free should be given out in High Schools all over the world!

Our teens need to learn these very practical and helpful tools!

Most teens experience some type of anxiety in their lives and the tools taught in this workbook could help them manage effectively! My favorite is the 5-4-3-2-1 Calm Down. I have personally used some of these tools with my own kids and witnessed the relief it has given them.

Kristina Saelee, creator of the 5 Steps to emPOWERed Parenting Program and mother of 5

Ashleigh, 13 years old

This provides effective techniques to calm the mind and manage my stress

This workbook is genuinely helpful.

I particularly love the chapter on triggers.

Learning these strategies is essential, especially when you’re struggling. I highly recommend exploring this chapter, because then you are prepared for the future.

Helen, Mum of 2 Tweens

Love someone when they least deserve it; because that’s when they really need it.

This resonates so much and as a parent of a pre teen, navigating complex emotions and crucial milestones, these words bring so much support and guidance.

Not only that, but the huge amount of supportive approaches and methods in Cai’s anxiety workbook make it feel like you CAN support your child with their anxiety as well as supporting your own triggers.

I often feel that when my child is anxious, my own anxiety tries to take over and fix the problem. Which never ends well.

Instead, by applying the approaches contained in this book, I can take a more objective, compassionate and understanding approach, to move through the difficult moments and regain the joy of being a parent and supporting my child through life’s challenges with resilience.

Thank you Cai!

Marc, 17 Years old

It’s like having a personal guide through the maze of anxiety.

From understanding how your mind works to finding effective ways to stay calm, it’s really easy to follow. Seriously, it’s packed with useful strategies that just click.

You don’t have to face anxiety alone, and this workbook proves it. It’s like a reliable tool in my kit for handling mental challenges. If you’re dealing with anxiety, this workbook is your best friend. Just give this book a try!

Claire Cetti, PCI Certified Parent Coach & Positive Parenting Educator

It is truly remarkable how it deconstructs anxiety into manageable segments

I was thoroughly impressed with this workbook and it exceeded my expectations in every way. This workbook stands out because it offers a thorough understanding of anxiety and its exceptional ability to break down the complexity of anxiety into easily digestible pieces.

The workbook offers practical tools to enable you and your teen to navigate anxiety confidently. It’s actionable and easy to follow, guiding you through anxiety each step of the way.

It is truly remarkable how it deconstructs anxiety into manageable segments and then reconstructs it into a more empowered perspective.

Whether you’re a parent looking to support your child or a teenager seeking to overcome anxiety, I highly recommend this workbook. Its versatility allows for independent use or collaboration between parents and teens. It’s a valuable resource that empowers parents and teens to confront anxiety and take charge of their lives.

Louellen Karthaus PT CLT, Certified Parent Coach : Embrace Parenting

This is a masterful workbook for teens and young adults struggling with anxiety.

Created with a deep sense of wisdom and compassion,

Cai Graham offers a powerful tool for anyone navigating the rugged terrain of anxiety.

It’s clear, concise and practical… Making it easily accessible to anyone.

Cai does a wonderful job of making sure the exercises are very user friendly, reflective, and actionable; thereby creating a sense of empowerment and agency, for those longing for relief.

This workbook is a true testament to the Cai’s heartfelt understanding and expertise!

“Fearless and Free”provides a sense of hope for all of those seeking a brighter tomorrow.

Praise goes to Cai Graham for this invaluable resource!

ADHD Coach & Mum of 3 Teens

It is a practical tool and resource I can use with my own family, as well as the families I work with .

I absolutely love this workbook!!

I read through this book with my younger teen. WOW!

It includes foundational information about anxiety and panic attacks (my 13yo said, “I kept thinking I was having panic attacks, but now I know they were anxiety attacks because they didn’t last too long.”)

It has easy to follow steps and checklists.

My 13yo is looking forward to reading through more thoroughly and doing some of the work to help ease their anxiety.

I also plan to give a copy to my older teen and young adult to help them better understand, and work through, their own anxieties. I think the layout is wonderful for their own neurodiverse brains to easily follow.

I highly recommend checking out this incredible resource and tool if you have a teen or young adult in your life that struggles with anxiety of any kind.

Thank you Cai Graham!