I am thrilled that you are here, as there are many options available for you to choose from.

Working with me, you benefit from my wealth of experience spanning 25 years…

as a parenting expert

as a Master Coach and Master Practitioner in NLP

as a child line volunteer

and most importantly – above all else – as a Mum of two fantastic individuals, now “fully fledged” and embarking on their own lives.

As you see throughout my website, I have channelled all of this experience into:

Writing A Book

Broadcasting A YouTube Channel

Creating An App

Producing Online Courses

And now, offering more hands-on support in the form of:

60 Minute Kickstarter Call

Half Day Intensive Session

Exclusive VIP Breakthrough Day

Family Weekend Get-Together

60 Minute KICKSTARTER Call

This is a 60 minute Call with me via ZOOM (or phone) which will allow me to start understanding your personal situation and the challenges that you are currently facing.

( Weekdays only )

I will help you gain clarity : Working out what’s next for YOU and what you have to do to get there!


Half Day Intensive Session

I love these sessions, as they are a fantastic opportunity for me to connect with you at a deeper level and a great way for us to work together more closely; without judgement and with a sprinkling of humour!

We will look at the challenges you and your family are currently facing; working together to find some of the solutions that’s are available to each of you as individuals, and collectively as a family unit.

Because these sessions are a bit longer we have the opportunity to dig deeper and really work on with the issues that are bothering you and roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.

If you know that your family needs to make some changes – and you are committed about working on the challenges you face – then please book a free 30 minute call with me and we can talk about your own situation a bit more.

Book a free call : We’ll talk about what’s keeping you up at night :

Here’s what one client said :

“ I experienced her incredible empathy first hand on the phone, where I was terribly nervous because I didn’t want her to think I was wasting her time.. It didn’t take long for her to put me at ease, and before long I felt I was talking to someone I had known all my life – her empathy was quite incredible – and I felt able to be very open about the slightly unusual issues my girls and I are facing….Not once did she sound frustrated at my (sometimes) inability to adequately express what I wanted to say. At the end of the call I felt I counted, and that my parenting abilities counted, and that my precious, slightly damaged family counted. I will never be able to thank her, or recommend her enough.”
Katy ~~ April 2018.

Exclusive VIP Breakthrough Day

We cover so much on this One-to-One Personal Breakthrough Day.

Every day is different.

Because every family is different.

Whilst many of the challenges that families face are similar – how they affect each family is very unique. And so there is not really a cookie cutter approach to the impactful changes that you may be needing to make.

One thing I can promise you is the focus is entirely on you and the breakthroughs you need to allow your family to thrive again.

I am totally committed to working with clients who are ready to take full responsibility for the changes that have to be made in order to move their family forward.

If this is you, and you have been wanting to work with me privately for a while – then please book a free call and we can talk about making the transformations your family so richly deserves.

Book a free call : Let’s talk about getting your family back on track.

TEEN Toolbox : BEAT Anxiety

“I have suffered a great many catastrophes in my life.
Most of them never happened.”

Mark Twain

This course is designed to help :

young people understand anxiety and provides them with tools to quickly manage their panic attacks

their parents better understand anxiety and provides them with techniques and ideas to support their children.

It is not a course to teach all the theory behind anxiety. It is aimed at providing practical tools that will help the individual almost at once.

Even though it’s normal to suffer anxiety to some degree – these feelings can often be devastating to kids, and anxiety can result in sleepless nights, irritability or short temper, lack of confidence, disruption at home, attention seeking, social withdrawal, or poor appetite, comfort eating and snacking. This course will help.


Family Weekend Get-Together

This is a totally BESPOKE and unique package as every family is different.

This weekend is a unparalleled opportunity for me to work with you and EVERY member of your family.

Because I work with you as a family and as individuals – the changes and transformations that you experience are deep and hugely impactful.

Every Family Needs to Work as a Team. Every Team Needs a Unique Approach.
BUT – Not Every Family is Suitable.

Numbers are limited. Please contact Cai for further information.

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