Work with Cai

There are 3 Ways to work with me:

My Changing Pictures Program


Having a FREE Insight Call


Booking Me to Speak at Your Event

Changing Pictures Package

Are you wanting to get support right away? 

My Changing Pictures Package is designed to provide you with the tools and support your child needs to manage their anxiety and take back control of their life.

My Changing Pictures Approach is:

  • Pain-free ( we don’t rehash past painful experiences )
  • Fast ( you’ll start seeing results immediately)
  • Fun ( if you don’t believe me … see what Charlie’s Mum said )

He came off the Zoom call with a big grin on his face and said “Mum! She is MAGIC!”
I can’t thank you enough for helping him tonight.

FREE Insight Call

Do you have questions or concerns about how I can help you? 

I offer a Free Insight Call to help you learn more about my Changing Pictures Approach or how I can support you otherwise. We shall also determine if we’re the right fit for each other.

The Free Insight Call is a no-obligation opportunity to learn more about what I offer and how I can best support you. We will discuss your family’s specific challenges and you will leave with a strategy that you and your child can implement immediately.

Hello Cai
Thank you again for seeing him so promptly last night, really appreciated it.
He came off the call feeling better, and wait for it….. went to school today!!! So Thank you!

A totally life changing and life enhancing experience!
I had reached a plateau and recognised that I could only go so far on my own. I knew what I “should” be doing to improve my reactions to anxiety and stressful situations, but I needed a new approach, a new energy and impetus. That is exactly what you get from Cai – she is incredible. 
With a completely impartial attitude, she helps you get to the bottom of what is really going on to give you the “rock” on which to rebuild your life. I can’t recommend this experience more highly. It will make you see the world more clearly and more calmly and with quiet confidence.
Thank you so much, Cai!!
~~ Private Client ~~