Negative Thinking

Attention Parents of Anxious Teens:

Are you struggling to help your teen cope with their anxiety?
Do you feel like you’re at a loss for how to support them through their challenges?


If you answered yes, then I have great news for you!

I am running a ‘TRANSFORM Negative Thinking’ – Anxiety Workshop on

Sunday March 12th at 7pm UK | 3pm EDT | 12pm PST

In this workshop, we’ll explore proven techniques and strategies for helping your teen manage their anxiety and build resilience. You’ll learn how to:

✔️ Recognise the signs of anxiety in your teen

✔️ Create a supportive and nurturing environment

✔️ Develop effective communication skills

✔️ Teach your teen coping mechanisms

✔️ Encourage positive behaviour and mindset

Don’t wait any longer to get the help you and your child needs.

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