“Without school, it’s really hard to know what day it is.”

How are you getting on with the holidays?

Are you feeling that “Life’s a Breeze” and you’ve got this sussed … or perhaps sometimes you are at loggerheads with one another?

OK – so we could blame some of this on the weather (isn’t it lovely?) … but don’t under estimate the impact of being under each other’s feet all the time … it’s the summer holidays :

* routine is out the window,
* the kids feel they deserve a well earned rest,
* the adults feel that the kids should be spending their spare time more constructively …

and let’s face it, your expectations are clashing a bit. Right?

Panic not!

1. Schools Out! Handout : I have a free resource that will help you ALL.

Surviving the Summer Holidays

Click the link and you can download it.   www.caigraham.com/summerholidays

I cannot guarantee that your house will instantly become an oasis of serenity! But what I do know that it will improve the likelihood that you will all still be on speaking terms by September – when the schools go back.

If there’s anything you need – please get in touch Contact Cai Here

Much Love 💕


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